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FWD50 guest post: Conversations for the year ahead

Last week the FWD50 team launched their annual survey on the future of digital government. If you haven’t already filled it out, don’t miss sharing your perspective. It’s something I look forward to each year, partly since I genuinely love filling out surveys (hello, fellow public servants) and partly since the results are always fascinating. They’re a deep look at how we all see and imagine the future of the public service – both how we work, and what issues we’ll be working on. The FWD50 team uses the survey results to plan the content for this year’s conference.

Thinking ahead to this year (“how is it 2022 already”), there’s a few big topics that I think will come up a lot. Whether you look at the state of the world, at public health, at Canadian society and the economy, or just out your window (if you live in Ottawa or in a provincial capital) it’s clear that an effective and adaptive public service is really important to help respond to the issues we’re being confronted with.

From inside the public service, here’s what I think will be big this year…

Read the full post on the FWD50 website (également offert en français ici) and fill out the annual content survey to share your thoughts!