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Moving to the Yukon

In mid-October, Heather and I moved to Whitehorse. So far we’ve really enjoyed it – Whitehorse is a lovely city, full of friendly people. Arriving just as winter started was a bit intimidating, but so far it hasn’t been too intense.

Heather started a new job with the Yukon government’s Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources. Her team is working on Yukon’s Our Clean Future efforts, including programs for building energy retrofits, electric vehicles, and more. I’ve continued working remotely for my current team. We both feel really lucky to have the chance to live and work somewhere new, and to see a part of Canada we hadn’t seen before.

A photo of Whitehorse taken from the lookout on the road to Miles Canyon

After three or four years in Ottawa, it’s definitely a lifestyle change in some ways. Having a car of our own is a new experience (after being enthusiastic car-sharing members in Ottawa). Being able to do quick errands, or roadtrips out into the countryside around Whitehorse, has been useful for sure. We’re both excited to get our bicycles out of storage and to start biking to work, though.

I’m working from Northlight, a coworking space that opened about a year ago in a new location in downtown Whitehorse. It’s a really nice community, and being able to work in an environment surrounded by other people helps a lot to stay focused. I miss spontaneous in-person conversations with my colleagues (who are dear friends) but being able to continue working with them from here is something I’m really grateful for.

If you’re interested in our Yukon adventures, Heather and I have an informal email list going where we send out sporadic life updates. Send me an email if you’d like to be on the list!