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Hellos and goodbyes

Joining the Government of Yukon

This past week I started work with the Government of Yukon, wrapping up almost seven years since rejoining the federal government and the team that became the Canadian Digital Service.

In my new role, I’m the open government program manager within the Yukon government’s eServices for Citizens branch. Part of my responsibilities will be the Yukon open government portal, along with supporting a number of initiatives that the team has on the radar. eServices is a really outstanding and welcoming team; you can read about what’s on the go in a team blog post from earlier this summer. There’s a lot happening!

Open government and open data work is (as you can guess!) a topic very near and dear to my heart, and I’m thrilled to be able to work on it here in the territory.

A front profile view of the S.S. Klondike paddlewheel steamer, on the shore of the Yukon River in downtown Whitehorse. In the background is the bridge across the river and an evening sky over the forest.
Caption: The S.S. Klondike National Historic Site, around the corner from my new office.

It’s bittersweet to wrap up with the Canadian Digital Service; many of my closest friends and most inspiring colleagues are current or former CDSers. It’s also a pretty noteworthy time of transition for CDS as it moves from its current parent department (the federal Treasury Board Secretariat) into Service Canada. Kathryn May has a great write-up of what this could involve, including some of the opportunities and pitfalls. It’s something that I’ll follow with a lot of interest and encouragement from the outside.

In the months ahead I’ll be reflecting more on the past several years in the federal public service, and I hope to pick up the pace of writing and blogging here! If you have ideas or suggestions on topics to write about, please give me a shout anytime.