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“FYN Unscripted” podcast with Sidra Mahmood and Brittaney Lewis

A few weeks ago I was part of the second English-language episode of the FYN Unscripted podcast, organized and run by the Federal Youth Network. Brittaney Lewis from DND hosted a conversation with Sidra Mahmood from ESDC and I.

The topic for the episode was “Building a reputation remotely”, and from there we dove into our early public service career experiences, finding friends across the public service and building a community, social media and blogging as a public servant, and our experiences working remotely and how this has contributed to our public service careers. And crying at work! And accidentally ending up in the news, and other adventures in the public service.

All told it was a lot of fun, and a great reminder of how having a community of fellow public servants means so much.

You can listen to the full episode here:

FYN Unscripted episodes are available on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, on Google Podcasts, on Amazon Music, and on Pocket Casts. The French version of this episode (with Katherine LeBlanc, Jennifer Thorne, and Véronique Aumont) is also available. Marc-André LeBlanc is the producer and audio engineer who made it happen behind the scenes; outside of work he also creates the Yousque t’es rendu? podcast on Acadian life.

A screenshot from Zoom of the podcast host and participants, all with purple hair. The FYN logo also appears in one of the grid squares, coloured purple.
Caption: Team purple hair represent (with a bit of help from Affinity Photo)!